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Bob Roggio Offers Real Solutions

“We need to invest in long-term plans to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and to reverse the disastrous effects of global climate change.  We can combine these long-term investments with short-term solutions that can help alleviate the burden felt by every American now.” — Bob Roggio

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A New Energy Policy, A Cleaner World

Bob Roggio believes that the only way to solve the energy crisis is to end America’s dependence on foreign oil.  Year after year, Jim Gerlach and George Bush have worked with Big Oil to try and convince Americans that we can drill our way to energy independence. Not only is that not true, but drilling won't even yield short-term relief at the pump for almost 20 years [Dept. of Energy].

Gerlach and Bush have perpetuated our energy crisis through compromised measures that have continually benefited oil companies. More troubling, however, has been their inaction.  They have failed to provide sufficient investments in sustainable energy.  They have failed to protect our clean air by delaying increases in fuel economy standards and by neglecting to prioritize the growth of public transportation. They have missed opportunity after opportunity to stand up as leaders on the world stage by assertively addressing global climate change.  We need to focus on lasting solutions like conservation, energy efficiency, and clean power, while taking concentrated action to end Big Oil's influence on our nation's energy policy.

Long-Term Solutions

  • Raise fuel economy standards. Bob Roggio supports increasing CAFE standards to reduce harm to the environment and to provide Americans with fuel-efficient vehicles.  
  • Build fuel-efficient cars in America. By increasing CAFE standards, Congress has to protect domestic automakers.  Tax credits and loan guarantees to domestic automakers will allow fuel-efficient cars to be made in America, not overseas. 
  • Invest in public transportation. America needs to conserve energy.  Through investments in infrastructure and mass transit, Americans will not only be able to rely on the convenience of public transportation, but will be afforded the ability to make energy conscious decisions on how to travel. 
  • Develop clean and renewable energy. America needs to invest in clean, renewable sources of energy.  Through these investments, we can reduce our dependency on foreign oil, reverse environmental devastation, and create a whole new “green sector” of high paying jobs. 
  • Provide incentives for the development of renewable energy. Bob Roggio supports H.R. 5851, the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Act of 2008.  This bill will give tax incentives for the development of clean, renewable sources of energy.  This bill also repeals tax breaks for oil companies, who have raked in record profits at the expense of middle-class Americans.
  • Support Barack Obama’s Cap-and-Trade Plan.  Bob Roggio will support Barack Obama’s cap-and-trade plan that reduces greenhouse emissions 80% by 2050.

Short-Term Solutions

  • Provide home heating assistance. Bob Roggio supports legislation (HEATR Act) that would provide a refundable tax credit for families and individuals that spend above $1500 on home heating costs this coming winter.  Additonally, Bob will fight to increase funding for the Weather Assistance Program (WAP), which enables families to drastically and permanently reduce their home energy costs by providing home weatherization services.
  • Fight price gouging by Big Oil. Oil companies must not be permitted to practice price gouging at the expense of Americans.  The Department of Justice should investigate price gouging practices and prosecute oil companies that engage in them.
  • Rein in speculation in the energy market. Bob Roggio supports legislation (H.R. 6377) that will curtail the excessive role of speculation in the energy markets.  Speculation has hurt Americans at the gas pump, and Congress must act to protect consumers from these unwarranted, high prices.
  • Provide assistance for our first responders. Bob Roggio supports Senator Casey’s “Supporting America’s Volunteer Emergency Services Act of 2008,” which would allow volunteer fire companies to apply for government grants to subsidize 75% of their fuel cost increases using 2007 as a baseline.  This will give fire companies the resources they need to rapidly respond to crises.
  • Give small business owners a helping hand. Bob Roggio supports granting tax credits for fuel expenditures to small businesses.  Such tax credits would alleviate the economic burden felt by Pennsylvania small business owners by reducing the impact of high prices at the pump.

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