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Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

About Montgomery County

With about 800,000 people, Montgomery County is the third most populous county in Pennsylvania.

It is generally believed that the county was named after Richard Montgomery, who served as a general in the Revolutionary War. Montgomery County is home to many historical sites including the Merion Friends Meeting House, which is the oldest place in America continuously used for worship. The county is also home to the historic Pottsgrove Manor, an elegant example of early Georgian architecture popular in England during the mid 18th Century.

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Some recent campaign happenings in Montgomery County

10/24 Bryn Mawr - Senator Bob Casey made a special appearance at Bryn Mawr College to speak on behalf of Bob Roggio at The Rally for Change. Afterwards, Senator Casey and Bob Roggio met with staff and reporters at Barack Obama Headquarters in Ardmore, PA.

Senator Bob CaseyBob Roggio - Bryn Mawr
Bryn Mawr CollegeObama Headquarters - Pennsylvania

10/11 Norristown Bob Roggio took part in the NAACP candidates forum in Norristown, Montgomery County. Thank you to the NAACP for putting on a terrific forum to help educate the voters of the 6th district about the important issues they face this November.

Winnewood, PA

9/11 Wynnewood  Bob Roggio, pictured above with Ambassador David Ross, attended a discussion on Israeli - Middle Eastern affairs at Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El in Wynnewood, Montgomery County. The talk was hosted by the Barack Obama Camapaign with Ambassador Ross keynoteing the event.

Ardmore VFW

9/6 Ardmore  The campaign dropped by at the Save Ardmore Coalition event at the Ardmore VFW. Bob Roggio, pictured above in his Philadelphia Eagle wear, donated materials for troop care packages and signed up as a post social member.

Bob Roggio Madeleine Albright

9/3 Bryn Mawr  Bob Roggio attended former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's remarks at Bryn Mawr College. In this photo Bob is accompanied by State Senate candidate, Daylin Leach and State House candidate, Tim Briggs, before the Secretary spoke to the crowd of Montgomery County residence.

Bob Roggio in Montgomery County

Bob Roggio with Field Director, Nick Jackal
Norristown, PA