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Bob Roggio discusses the issues.The Issues: A New Direction

“I am running for Congress because we need a new direction for our country. We need new leaders who will reach across the aisle to find common sense solutions and prioritize the needs of the American people, not the special interests. I am not a typical politician. I am a business leader who is ready to bring change to Washington.” — Bob Roggio

A New Focus on our Economy and Infrastructure

Bob Roggio understands that the most important task Washington should undertake is to revitalize the economy. Because of the failed policies of Jim Gerlach and George Bush throughout the last 8 years, our country is struggling with an enormous financial crisis and taxpayers have been tragically forced to foot the bill. Bob will work to get our economy back on track. He plans to aid the economic recovery with tax cuts for middle class families and by repealing the Bush/Gerlach tax breaks for people making over $250,000 a year. He believes that restoring our economy means making investments in infrastructure and renewable energy that will create new jobs for today and for tomorrow's generation.


A New Dedication to Fiscal Responsibility

Bob is a fiscal conservative who believes in the strength of free enterprise and that the economy functions best with lower taxes for the middle class. As a business leader, Bob Roggio balanced a budget, provided health care for his employees, and took care of the bottom line. In Congress, he will fight for a balanced budget, work to reduce America’s record debt, and advocate for common sense pay-as-you-go budget rules. We are currently spending 10 billion dollars a month in Iraq, giving subsidies to oil companies, and giving tax cuts to people making over $250,000 a year. It is time for responsible and accountable leaders who will curtail the spending spree in Washington and encourage sound regulation in our financial markets.


A New Energy Policy, A Cleaner World

Bob Roggio believes that we must act boldly to invest in clean and renewable energy and improve energy efficiency. We need to create a path to energy independence by reducing our consumption and increasing fuel economy standards, not by yielding to Big Oil’s agenda by drilling our way out of the problem. Top economists, government agencies, and environmental groups have all affirmed that drilling would have at best, a “minimal and delayed” impact on our nation’s gas prices. [Time Magazine, 6.18.08] We need to take meaningful action now in order to reverse the Bush/Gerlach policies of inaction over the past 8 years.

Most importantly, we need accountability and real independence from the oil companies. We also need a renewed commitment to making America a global leader in the fight against climate change. We need sound and considerable investments into the development of alternative energy sources and new job creation. We need to work with the international community to develop fair trade agreements that demand rigorous compliance to environmental standards. We need to aggressively support a cap-and-trade plan that reduces greenhouse emissions 80% by 2050.

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A New Direction in Iraq

Bob Roggio believes that the war in Iraq was a mistake. He will fight to bring our troops home safely, responsibly, and in a manner that honors their accomplishments. Over the past 6 years, almost 4,000 of our troops have been killed. 20,000 more have been injured, many of whom will need – and deserve – comprehensive, quality care for the rest of their lives. We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on foreign soil while ignoring the domestic needs of our country. President Bush continues to ask for more money and more troops, but has no new ideas to win the peace. Yet, Jim Gerlach has voted with Bush on Iraq 100% of the time. We must turn control of Iraq over to the Iraqis and start investing here at home to boost our economy, reduce gas prices, curtail rising health care costs, help struggling homeowners, and regather our military strength.

A New Commitment to Veterans

As a former Army Reservist, Bob passionately believes that honoring the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform must go beyond rhetoric. He will fight to make sure that Washington holds up its end of the deal by demanding better funding and health care for all of our nation’s veterans. He will work to update and improve the G.I. Bill so that our servicemen and women have access to affordable education and lasting benefits.

A New Approach to Health Care

As a businessman, Bob Roggio understands how rising health care costs are hurting businesses, but he also understands how important it is that employees maintain access to quality care. During his business career every one of his employees had access to affordable health care coverage. In Congress, Bob will fight to improve the quality of health care while making it more affordable and accessible for all. He believes that we have a moral responsibility to insure the 47 million Americans who don’t have access to health care. We need to focus on building a comprehensive, universal health care system that relies on the shared responsibility of the government, employers, and individuals. We also need a renewed commitment to our seniors, ensuring that they have affordable access to good doctors and prescription drugs.

A New Investment in Improving our Education System

Bob Roggio believes that education is the cornerstone of our economy and of our ability to compete in the global marketplace. We must fix “No Child Left Behind” by concentrating on flexibility and demanding full funding without lowering standards in performance or accountability. We must invest in early childhood education and make college affordable for all Americans. Bob believes that teachers deserve more competitive salaries, and he will fight for continuing education and professional development opportunities for our teaching professionals.

A New Determination to Protect Choice

Bob Roggio supports a woman's right to choose. We must work to prevent unintended pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion by expanding access to contraception and family planning services. Bob Roggio has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America for his “commitment to protecting women's reproductive rights through the political process.”

A New Voice for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Bob Roggio believes that we need to vigorously defend our constitutionally protected civil rights and civil liberties. The Bush Administration has undermined the American standard of democracy by curtailing our fundamental rights and freedoms. We must fight to end discrimination by supporting legislation such as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and by expanding the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act. We need to strengthen civil rights by working to eliminate sentencing disparities, prohibit racial profiling, and end prejudicial policies like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” As a country, we need to restore our global reputation by following the Geneva Conventions and adamantly opposing the use of government torture.

A New Plan to Halt Illegal Immigration

Bob Roggio believes that we need to prevent illegal immigration by focusing on strengthening our borders and enforcing the laws on the books. We need to allow immigrants who pay taxes and abide by our laws to earn the right to pursue a path to US Citizenship.

A New Group of Leaders Committed to Integrity and Accountability

Bob Roggio believes that we need to hold our elected leaders to the highest ethical standards. We need to go further than restricting the number of years that public officials have to “cool off” before lobbying Congress. To curtail the influence of special interests in governance, we must put into law a lifetime ban on ex-lawmakers from becoming registered lobbyists. Bob knows that the only way to change Washington is to fight for people and families instead of the special interests.

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