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Personal Testimonial

Doug Purdy
Berwyn, PA

Doug Purdy“I have known Bob Roggio for 30 years as his neighbor and friend. He and I were Indian Guides with our sons, but soon enough, Bob was in charge of the group. That’s how he is, that’s how he always has been. From Indian Guides, to Little League, to business, he is a natural leader.

“I have a new granddaughter and I'm anxious about the world she was born in to. It can become discouraging, but I can tell you this: if Bob Roggio is elected, her future is much more promising.”

“Bob has honesty like I've never seen. I hope he is elected to make positive change in Washington culture because our government needs a serious dose of integrity.

“Jim Gerlach is bought and paid for by special interests and he mindlessly votes with Bush and the Republican Party. Bob would always take a well thought out position and ask himself why he was there, and what he stands for. He knows business and has had to show a profit. He had to be responsible about spending. He knows what it means to be fiscally disciplined.”

— Doug Purdy