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March 18, 2008

Roggio on 5th Anniversary of War in Iraq

MALVERN, PA – Bob Roggio (D), who will face Jim Gerlach in the highly contested 6th district in November, released the following statement on the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq.

“Today, we are reminded of the price America has paid for an endless war,” said Roggio. “Over the past 5 years, the war in Iraq has cost us nearly 4,000 American lives, and billions of dollars. Jim Gerlach continues to rubberstamp the Bush administration’s failed policies and refuses to show leadership on an issue that plagues our country.”

Gerlach has refused to hold the Bush administration accountable for the war. He opposed plans that called for attainable and responsible goals in Iraq, thus virtually writing the Bush administration a blank check.

“I believe that we need to hold our leaders accountable to the American people,” said Roggio. “This disastrous war has cost us far too much, and I will fight to bring our troops home safely and with honor.”

According to the National Priorities Project, the war in Iraq has so far cost the taxpayers in the 6th district, $1.4 billion, which could otherwise be invested in providing the following:

  • 350,253 People with Health Care OR
  • 1,705,546 Homes with Renewable Electricity OR
  • 14,414 Affordable Housing Units OR
  • 22,479 Elementary School Teachers OR
  • 222,283 Head Start Places for Children

“We need to reassess our national spending and focus on the needs of Americans,” said Roggio. “We need leaders who will prioritize investments in people and infrastructure. After 5 years, thousands of lives, and billions of dollars, America is ready for change.”


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