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May 26, 2008

Poll Results: The race for PA-6 is just beginning

MALVERN, PA – Bob Roggio (D) today released the results of a poll conducted by Pete Brodnitz of Benenson Strategy group. The results are clear. Despite the misleading press release and poll results issued by the Gerlach team last week, Gerlach’s seat is far from safe.

Here are the facts. Jim Gerlach’s job approval is at just 39% (a detail he neglected to report when releasing his poll last week). But the biggest piece of news is this: while Gerlach leads unknown Roggio in an intial, uninformed ballot, as soon as voters are introduced to Bob Roggio through a biographical paragraph, Gerlach’s lead vanishes and Bob Roggio assumes a 7% lead.

“This poll emphatically shows that contrary to what Jim Gerlach’s team wants you to believe, the race for Pennsylvania’s 6th district is just beginning,” said Liz Conroy, Roggio’s Campaign Manager. “At a time when people are ready for new solutions and new ideas, Jim Gerlach epitomizes politics as usual in the eyes of voters. The 6th district is clearly excited about Bob Roggio’s story and his new priorities for the region, the state and the nation.”

Additionally, Roggio recently made the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) targeted “Emerging Candidates” list, a list of strong challengers who are one step away from qualifying for the DCCC’s Red to Blue program. In evidence of their investment in this race, the DCCC has begun running radio ads in the district this week.

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