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Gerlach Chooses Politics Over Policy


A statement from a Republican supporter of Democrat Bob Roggio highlighting the economic failures of George Bush and Jim Gerlach over the past 8 years:

Excerpt from Bob Jones’ (R) Letter:

“I’m not writing to you as a political operative, and I’m not writing to you as a fellow Democrat. I’m a Republican who is fed up with our do-nothing representatives in Washington. I’m supporting Bob Roggio for Congress because I know he has a proven track record of tackling tough problems and putting aside differences in order to get the job done.

“We can’t let Jim Gerlach get away with spinning his flip-flop vote on the Financial Rescue Package. We can’t allow him to choose politics over smart policy. As constituents, we must demand courage from our leaders. Jim Gerlach has failed us.

“He has had 6 YEARS and 3 TERMS to address and change the economic policies that have led us into this financial crisis. But he hasn’t acted and he doesn’t get it.

“We need relief for working families, not millionaires. We need to create green jobs in America, not ship our jobs overseas. We need to develop sustainable sources of energy, not give tax breaks to Big Oil.

“We’ve tried running the economy the Bush/Gerlach way and it hasn’t worked. Our stock market is crumbling. We’ve had 9 straight months of job loss, and we’re facing unprecedented foreclosures. Our country cannot afford 2 more years of the same policies that have ravaged our economy for the past 8.”

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