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Convention Remarks Define Gerlach’s Politics

Supporting 4 More Years of Business as Usual in Washington

Our Republican opponent spent the week in Minneapolis celebrating the nomination of a candidate who has voted with George Bush 90% of the time. Gerlach was also quoted praising GOP VP Nominee, Sarah Palin.

“Selecting Gov. Sarah Palin shows that John McCain is committed to ushering in a new era of fiscal responsibility and accountability in Washington," said U.S. Rep. James Gerlach, R-6th of West Pikeland. "Gov. Palin has demonstrated solid judgment and independent leadership with her tough stances against wasteful spending and public corruption in Alaska." [The Phoenix, 8/30/08]

Of course Jim Gerlach thinks Sarah Palin will be fiscally responsible because Jim Gerlach equates fiscal responsibility with supporting policies that have led us to spend $10 billion a month on a war that isn’t making us any safer, instead of addressing our record debt, soaring energy prices, and skyrocketing healthcare costs.

It makes sense that Jim Gerlach would praise Palin for accountability because Jim Gerlach believes that accountable leaders can take over $100,000 from Big Oil and continue to vote for subsidies for the oil companies.

Naturally Jim Gerlach would commend Palin’s “tough stances against wasteful spending and public corruption” because Jim Gerlach does not acknowledge that voting to allow lobbyists to wine and dine members of Congress and pay for their travel is “public corruption.” He also doesn’t believe that misusing taxpayer money to send campaign propoganda constitutes “wasteful spending.”[1]

Jim Gerlach has once again decided to support business as usual and to support a candidate who shares his views that the policies of George W. Bush are working and should continue. Voters in the 6th District are learning that Jim Gerlach equates “independence” and “solid judgment” with the failed partisan policies of the Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress.

Bob Roggio stands for real change, the kind of change that can only come from a leader who will put Americans before lobbyists and special interests.

[1] “This is campaign literature, and it’s the use of taxpayer money to support these officeholders,” said Craig Holman of the non-profit organization Public Citizen, who reviewed recent mailings from Gerlach. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/8/06]

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