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Barack Obama Endorses Bob Roggio for Congress


MALVERN, PA – Bob Roggio (D) received the endorsement of Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama.

“I enthusiastically endorse Bob Roggio for Congress,” said Barack Obama. “We need leaders like Bob who are committed to challenging the status quo and bringing a new voice of change to Washington. I am proud to support his candidacy.”

Bob Roggio will work with Barack Obama to bring change to Washington. Our country has serious problems and Bob is committed to work with Senator Obama to find solutions. Our economy isn’t working. We’re spending 10 billion dollars a week on a war that isn’t making us any safer. There are 47 million uninsured Americans, 9 million of whom are children. We are addicted to foreign oil and haven’t aggressively addressed the growing threat of global climate change. Our schools are under-funded and our children aren’t getting the education they need to lead us into the next generation. We have a crumbling infrastructure that needs to be repaired and rebuilt.

George Bush and Jim Gerlach fight for tax breaks for millionaires instead of working for real tax relief for our working families. Washington is dominated by special interest lobbies and corporate contributors unfairly compromise common sense reforms.

“I’m thrilled to have Barack Obama’s support,” said Roggio. “I will work beside him to fight for meaningful reforms that focus on the people, not the special interests. The challenges we face are many, but Senator Obama’s vision for change, and dedication to bringing new priorities to Washington give us great hope for the future of our country.”

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